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In the beauty salon “ZEBRA” facial cosmetology is represented by a wide range of services. Cosmetologists carry out aesthetic work of a wide orientation using the means of the best world brands: MEDIBLOCK ( Korea), GERMAINE DE CAPPUCCINI, EVEN SWISS, MEDER,  HYDROPEPTIDE. Highly qualified specialists use programs that include all types of facial cosmetology in their work.

Moisturizing and nutrition

Peelings (chemical, ultrasonic, vitamin)

Prevention and correction of age-related changes



Problem Skin Treatment

Cosmetology for face represents the most highly effective solutions that transform in a short period of time.

Cosmetology Care

Landmark – the elimination of aesthetic problems through cleansing, chemical / ultrasonic/mechanical/peeling, moisturizing, and anti-aging treatments.

Cosmetology Treatment

The solution to primary problems. The fight against sagging skin, wrinkles, age spots, bags under the eyes, rosacea, rosacea.

Most appearance defects are not a problem, cosmetology face creams and specialists in this area can easily cope with such tasks.

Cosmetology for facial rejuvenation is one of the most common services in our salon.

The author’s technique of MODELING MASSAGE Pilar Munoz-Correcher

This massage technique for dipper tissues of the face, neck, and the bones of the skull. It is used to strengthen the muscle, tighten the oval of the face, raise the eyebrows, the corners of the eyes and lips, and reduce the formation of the “second chin”. Improves cellular metabolism, activates the process of collagen synthesis.


This facial massage technique affects the lymph flow, blood flow (arterial, venous, capillary), and interstitial fluid. It is prescribed for edema, nutritional disorders of cells and tissues, age-related dryness, wrinkles, rosacea (capillaries on the face), as well as before and after injection methods. Great for deep absorption of the skincare products, reducing the risks of complications, and speeding up the healing process.

  • Cosmetology
  • Ultrasound face cleaning $160
  • Combined Face Cleaning (2.5 hr.) $190
  • Modeling Massage (with mask and serum) $150
  • Hemolymphatic Drainage 1.5 hr. Massage (oil/mask) $180
  • Carboxytherapy (2 hr.) $180
  • Electroporation (1 hr.) $150
  • RF lifting $170
  • Package 10 treatments and more $-15%
  • Package 15 treatments $-20%
  • Pay $1500 deposit at a time $get 10% off of all treatment