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” Whitening Balm “$60.00

■ Features
1. Vitamin C and arbutin inhibit the generation or formation of melanin pigment.
2. Centella Asiatica soothes the early stage of inflammation and reinforces regeneration ability
of dermal layer.
3. Gardenia seed, a natural pigment, provides a natural ability to cover and maintains
its color rendering ability.
4. Aloe vera soothes skin by reinforcing the moisturzing ability of skin and leaves it feeling fresh.
It has a UV block effect. (SPF 20)

■ Main Ingredients
Vitamin C 5%: Provides whitening effect and protects skin from UV rays.
Arbutin 1%: Inhibition of melanin synthesis.
Centella Asiatica: Increases the regenerating ability of skin cells by promoting the synthesis of
collagen and fibronectin.

■ Skin to be applied

The skin after a peel or laser application or the uneven skin tone that needs to be covered.

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■ Use
At the last step of basic skin care, apply its proper amount to the overall skin.
For your outdoor activity, apply it after a sun cream is used. (Give an intensive application to the pigmented area.)

Weight or Volume: 60ml
Manufacturing Country: South Korea (Republic of Korea)

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