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” Cleopatra Peeling Ⅱ”$45.00

■ Features
1. High concentration of vegetable enzymes removes unnecessary keratin, leaving skin bright and splendid.
2. Synergy effect with Tranquil Peptide soothes, moisturizes and nourishes skin cells.
3. An overnight home care peeling agent to increase the effects of all kinds of laser applications.

■ Main Ingredients

Alginic Acid: Anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effects.
Beta-Glucan: Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects, skin-softening effect.
Phyto Tranquil Peptide: Peptide hydrolyzed from milk protein by papain enzyme is excellent for soothing
and moisturizing skin.

■ Skin to be applied

Acne-prone or aged skin, dark and dull skin, unclear complexion, pigmented skin.

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■ Use
After toning your skin with a toner, apply its proper amount to it. Leave it untouched.
(You can use if everyday. But, for the sensitive skin, you’d better allow gradual application, considering the adaptability of your skin.)

Weight or Volume: 25ml
Manufacturing Country: South Korea (Republic of Korea)

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