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” BCX-A Arc Brightening Cleansing Powder “$40.00

■ Features
1. Removal of old keratin and cleansing of skin wastes by the activity of enzymes.
2. Very convenient use of makeup cleansing and face washing at one time.
3. This weakly acidic (pH5.4) facial cleanser is safe and doesn’t cause any irritation.
4. Containing a lot of moisturizing ingredients (cellulose and sorbitol), it leaves skin soft
and supple after your face is washed.

■ Main Ingredients

Papain: Removal of keratin.
Green Tea Extract: Anti-inflammatory activity.
Chamomile Extract & EGCG: Antioxidant activity in skin.
Cellulose Gum & Sorbitol: Skin hydration.
Arbutin: Skin Whitening.

■ Skin to be applied

Acne-prone or sensitive skin, dark and dull skin, unclear complexion, pigmented skin.

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■ Use
Place 1g of its powder into your palm and add some water, having enough lather.
Rub and massage your face and rinse it off with water.When you wore makeup,
do the same procedure again without double-cleansing your face.

Weight or Volume: 60g
Manufacturing Country: South Korea (Republic of Korea)

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