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” BCX-A Acnaid EGCG Serum “$25.00

■ Features
1. BCX-A has been improved in clinical studies and conference presentations.
2. Improves inflammatory or non-inflammatory acne lesions.
3. Shows superior efficacy in acne than tea tree oil.
4. Whitens the skin and protects skin barrier.

■ Main Ingredients
BCX-A(extract of fermented hinoki leaves): Anti-acne and anti-inflammatory effects.
EGCG (green tea polyphenols): Antioxidant effect and collagen synthesis.
Niacinamide: Lightens the skin.
Ceramide: Protects skin barrier.

■ Skin to be applied
Acne-prone or sensitive skin, dark and dull skin, unclear complexion, pigmented skin.

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■ Use
After using a toner, apply a proper amount of the serum to troubled area or entire skin.
In case of progressive inflammation, avoid excessive physical irritation.

Weight or Volume: 12ml
Manufacturing Country: South Korea (Republic of Korea)

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