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Body Treatment

Body Treatment

Salon body care is considered to be true beauty rituals, sources of health, and a beautiful appearance! All treatments are selected individually after consultation with our specialists.

Beauticians of the Zebra salon apply innovative methods for modeling body contours in their practice, aimed at eliminating defects and signs of skin aging, reducing body volume, general healing, and rejuvenation of the body.

Give yourself moments of pleasure, well-being, and lasting results of correction of body contours, skin nutrition, strengthening, stress relief, gaining psychological balance, and physical harmony.

  • Body Treatment / Massage
  • Deep Full Body Massage (75 mins) $130
  • Author's sculpting massage (60-75 mins) $130
  • Anticellulite complex massage (75 mins) $150
  • Creole massage with bamboo sticks (60 mins) $130
  • Wet Whiskey swaddling Aromaderm STYX $180
  • Dry wrap Cello Gel Aromaderm STYX $150
  • Package 10 treatments and more $-15% OFF